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If you are a Singapore citizen and wish to change your name in the Singapore government records, what you need to do, is sign a document known as a deed poll. Your signature on the deed poll needs to be witnessed by a qualified lawyer in order to be valid.

After the deed poll is signed, it has to be submitted to the Singapore Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) where your new name will be updated in the Singapore government records. Submission of the deed poll can be done either in person at the ICA Building, or via soft copy at the ICA website.

Do note that ICA charges a processing fee for this service, which is not included in our charges.

We can assist with the preparation of the deed poll, and arranging for our lawyers to witness you signing it. Please use our online submission form to begin the process.

Please note that online deed poll submissions cost $50. If however you wish to complete the deed poll offline [i.e., in person by walk-in/appointment] it is $100.

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Online Deed Poll application

Complete our simple online form - it takes about 5 minutes and costs $50.
We'll contact you to arrange a convenient time to stop by the office and sign your deed poll.
You can then submit your deed poll at the ICA or via their online platform.
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Frequently asked questions

I am changing the name of my child – does my child need to sign the deed poll at the lawyers’ office?

No, only the parents with custody are required to sign the deed poll.

After I do a deed poll and updated my NRIC, do I need to change my passport as well?

Please note that after you sign the deed poll and submit it to ICA, your passport is not automatically changed. You will need to apply for a new passport. It is recommended that you ensure that all your travel documents (passport, air tickets, hotel reservations) all reflect the same name.

Will a deed poll expire?

A deed poll does not expire, but it is recommended that it be submitted to ICA within 28 days of your signing of the deed poll.

It is not convenient for me to come to your office to sign the deed poll, can I e-sign the deed poll?

Yes, this can be arranged but additional charges apply because more time needs to spent by the lawyer. Please email us at hello@jcplaw.com.sg with your request.

I changed my name in the past via a deed poll but I have lost that deed poll. Do I need to make another deed poll?

You will need to make a Statutory Declaration to explain the circumstances. We are able to assist with this. Please email us at hello@jcplaw.com.sg with your request.

Are there any restrictions on my new name?

Generally, you are free to have any name that you like. However, a name that is calculated to be offensive, vulgar, or scandalous may be rejected for registration by ICA. To be sure, you can contact ICA to see if they will have any restrictions to the proposed new name.

Can I change my surname?


What documents do I need to bring along when coming to sign the deed poll?

Please bring along your Singapore NRIC, or SAF 11B (where applicable).

I am not a Singapore citizen, can I change my name via deed poll?

If you are not a Singapore citizen, the procedure for you to change your name in government records may not be the same as Singapore. We recommend that you get in touch with the Embassy of the country of your citizenship to find out the process for changing your name.

I have joint custody of my child with my ex-spouse but he/she is no longer contactable. Can I still proceed with the deed poll?

If both parents have joint custody of the child, ICA still generally requires both parents to sign the deed poll.

Can I change the name on my/my child’s birth certificate?

No, ICA does not permit a change of particulars on the birth certificate.

I have done a deed poll and submitted it to ICA. Do I need to notify anyone else?

You may wish to update your financial institutions, telcos, credit companies, and any other organisation where you have an account or ongoing commitments. ICA only updates government agencies.

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