Tek Heng

Tek Heng was able to help us anticipate commercial and regulatory issues whilst handling the setting up of our funds which ensured that there were minimal delays. This was especially important on time-sensitive deals.
Tek Heng
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English, Chinese
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Tek Heng is a Consultant of the law corporation with particular interest and expertise in conveyancing, corporate and funds work. He has acted for individual and corporate clients in general conveyancing matters involving sales, purchases, mortgage loan financing/refinancing and tenancies of residential, commercial and industrial properties. He has also assisted individuals and corporate clients in general corporate and commercial law matters. His corporate practice includes advising on company incorporations, corporate reorganisations, acquisitions, joint ventures, shareholder and investment-related matters, buy-and-sell asset and other commercial arrangements. He has acted as company secretary and company director for several companies. Tek has also done some work advising investment and asset managers and on collective investment schemes. He currently specialises in providing mobile Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths services.

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