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Under Singapore law, the husband is usually required to provide maintenance to his wife and children. This is applicable both during and after the marriage ends. If you are going through a divorce, you may naturally have questions or concerns about how you or your spouse may support themselves after the separation, or whether the maintenance proposed is fair and reasonable.

Whether you are seeking support or your spouse is making a claim against you, our lawyers will be able to advise you on how to resolve any maintenance-related matters in a non-confrontational and constructive way. A drawn-out legal battle is something we advise as a last resort, but in such cases, rest assured we will fight hard for your rights.

Frequently asked questions

  • What determines the amount of maintenance?

    There is no fixed rate or formula to determine the amount of maintenance for a spouse or ex-spouse in Singapore. The court will define a monthly payment or order reimbursement upon the product of receipts, or request a lump sum be paid based on a number of factors. This can loosely include:

    • income, property, and other finances of the spouses;
    • earning ability of both spouses;
    • financial needs and responsibilities of the spouses during the marriage or expected in the foreseeable future;
    • standard of living enjoyed by the family before the divorce;
    • age of spouses and the duration of the marriage;
    • any physical or mental disability;
    • contributions made by spouses to family’s welfare, which include managing the home or caring for the family, among others; and
    • value or benefit that would be unobtainable for any of the spouses after the dissolution of marriage.

    For more information, please do get in touch to discuss your case.

  • Who can apply for child maintenance?

    The following parties can apply for child maintenance in Singapore:

    • a parent who continues to live with the child after divorce,
    • a lawful guardian who takes care of the child on behalf of parents,
    • any sibling who is more than 21 years old,
    • the child himself or herself, for example, after reaching the age of 21 if the eligibility criteria are met.
  • What determines the amount of child maintenance?

    Much like spousal maintenance, there is no pre-determined rate or formula to calculate this.

    In general, the sum transferred for child support shall cover medical costs, essential costs of living and education. It must also provide for the same lifestyle the children had been accustomed at all times.

    Please get in touch to discuss your matter further.

  • Can maintenance be enforced?

    Yes. Singapore law provides strict enforcement measures to ensure that the obliged parties fulfill their obligations.

    In situations where the party does not fulfill these obligations, the recipient of the maintenance can make a Garnishee Order or an Attachment of Earnings Order [AEO], which obliges a bank or an employer to deduct a portion of funds or salary and make transfers for maintenance.

    There are other enforcement options available depending on the situation. Please get in touch for further information.

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Bernard C

I’d like to express my gratitude to JCP Law for their stellar work helping me to defend my rights in a matter relating to spousal maintenance. They were professional, clear and fought for me to ensure we reached a fair outcome in the matter.


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Thank you Mr Cheong for advising and supporting me through my divorce and ensuring that we settled on a fair outcome regarding maintenance for myself and my children. During a difficult period, you were compassionate, yet clear in how to proceed.


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