Man signing annulment of marriage papers

Marriage Annulment: An Overview

Picture the scene – you’ve just got married, but you’re discovering that things just aren’t working out. Do you have to wait a whole three years before ending things? The answer is – no, you may not have to. Before they can commence a divorce, parties (who must satisfy the jurisdiction requirement) need to wait three years from the date of marriage, according to Singapore law. But, if it ‘isn’t...

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Separation in Divorce

Should you get a Deed of Separation?

One of the legal grounds for divorce in Singapore is legal separation (that is, separation for 3 years preceding the filing of a divorce and with the spouse’s consent). Therefore, a Deed of Separation can be an essential tool for addressing the most important matters when a couple decides to separate temporarily, or for good. It is not a public document (it is known only to the spouses and possibly...

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Drink driving

The Law on Drink Driving

There are serious consequences to drink driving in Singapore – including the potential for loss of life. For the driver who is accused and found guilty of it, it can ruin their life. In prosecuting offences such as these, the authorities will show neither fear nor favour. Someone who is found to be driving whilst over the legal limit, without a defence under the law or exceptional circumstances, will face...

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Non compete clause

Are non-compete clauses enforceable?

Your employment contract may contain non-compete clauses. These are used by an employer to prevent employees from carrying out business in certain geographies and markets for a certain period of time. The purpose of non-compete clauses is to control employee’s conduct during and/or after the employment period (in other words, after the contract of employment is terminated). They are sometimes known as ‘restraint of trade’ clauses because they restrain the...

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Lady carrying her things from the office in a box after being fired

What Constitutes Unfair, Unlawful & Wrongful Dismissal

Introduction In Singapore, the termination of employment for employees is governed by both their contract of employment and the Employment Act (“EA”). This doesn’t include domestic workers, seafarers, and any person whom the Minister has excluded via Gazette. It is a legal requirement that an employee’s employment contract does not contain terms that would be less favourable to that worker than their rights under the EA. The provisions related to...

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Pen is ready to sign a last will and testament
Probate & Letters of Administration

Grant of Probate vs. Letters of Administration

Introduction Following the death of a family member, their property (collectively called “the deceased’s estate”) must be administered and distributed under the law. If the deceased had made a Will, then normally they would have appointed at least one individual as the executor, to manage their estate according to the terms of the Will, and their final wishes. But if the deceased had not made a Will, the court will...

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A couple are separated by divorce

Divorce Procedure and Requirements

Eligibility and Jurisdiction Prior to commencing divorce proceedings, it is necessary to consider whether the Singapore Court has jurisdiction over the matter. In order for the Singapore Courts to have jurisdiction over the hearing of divorce proceedings, one or both of the parties: Must be domiciled in Singapore when divorce proceedings commence Must have been habitually resident in Singapore for at least 3 years immediately before the divorce proceedings are...

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